In 1989 New Shiloh Baptist Church moved to its present location at 2100 North Monroe Street.  At that time the newly constructed church took up a 1 square block boarded on the south by Clifton Avenue, to the north by Windsor Avenue, on the east Monroe Street and to the west Payson Street.  The new church was surrounded by vacant residential row houses, lots and commercial properties including the Baltimore Coliseum, the Good Humor Ice Cream factory, State Farm Insurance claim facility and the Cloverland Dairy.

It was the visionary actions of the late Harold A. Carter, Sr, Pastor of New Shiloh Baptist Church, who saw the potential of the properties and the importance of their revitalization to the Church and the community.  Rev Carter assemble a group of church members, government officials, community members and private development groups to come up with a strategy that would transform the area surrounding the church to vibrant and essential residential and commercial environment.  Rev. Carter saw the church as the center of the Village that would create support facilities for the church’s many ministries, new parking for its members, and elimination of blight around the church, creation of hundreds of units of affordable housing, health care facilities and community services all within a 3 block radius of the church.  With this bold vision the New Shiloh Village was born.  Rev. Carter than made the bold and at time controversial action to purchase several of the abandoned properties including the Cloverland Dairy Bottling facility.  The acquisition of the dairy properties and a laundry company building lead to the immediate creation of new secure parking for the church members and the renovation of an office building to house the New Shiloh Child Development Center.  The renovation of the office space attracted tenants who supplied much needed not for profit child care and community services to the Village and to the Southern Mondawmin Community.


After numerous discussions with the Village board of advisers, Rev. Carter decided to move on to the Village’s third major project, the construction of affordable senior housing.   The construction of the New Shiloh Village Senior Housing building was completed and fully occupied in the spring of 2007.

Today, New Shiloh Village nears completion with the development of the New Shiloh Village II - Family Housing, scheduled to open in July of 2018.  Currently, New Shiloh Village covers an area of 12 acres in the heart of West Baltimore.

Residents of the Village now include:

  • New Shiloh Baptist Church – 90,000 square feet church, offices, education areas and banquet facility.
  • New Shiloh Baptist Church has a membership of 5,000.
  • New Shiloh Family Development Center (Milk Bottle Building) – 12,000 square feet of office space and playground area. The building currently houses 24 hour day care, head start center and nonprofit community services office space.


  • New Shiloh School of Music
  • New Shiloh School of Divinity
  • New Shiloh Village Senior Housing – 83 units of affordable senior housing
  • New Shiloh Village Family Housing – 73 units of one, two and three bedroom apartments and support amenities.

Independently owned

  • YMCA Head Start Center – 10,000 square feet facility housing 150 pre-school students managed by the Y of Central Maryland
  • Center for Urban Families – 18,000 square feet facility serving the needs of ex-offenders offering them literacy, financial management and job placement services to the citizens of Baltimore
  • Brown Funeral Home
  • Moving Company
  • Recycling Company