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History of CDC

New Shiloh Community Development Corporation and New Shiloh Property Management Corporation (NSCDC) received their 501(c)(3) IRS status in November of 2002.  It was the visionary efforts of Rev. Harold A. Carter, Sr. that assembled the initial advisory board members consisting of 45 church, government, community and business leaders.

Today’s board consists of church leaders, community advisors and external technical support.  The board was given the task of creating a long term comprehensive approach to community vitalization around the Village concept.  It has now leaded to the on-going development of the New Shiloh Village as well as future revitalization of areas south of the church complex.  Also, NSCDC, has assisted in bring several business and not for profit support corporations to the area of the Village.

Today the board has 16 active members whose average 10 years of service to the CDC cause.